Behind the Scenes with Jillian Lochner.

In October 2011 I travelled to Cape Town to assist and Observe International U.K based photographer Jillian Lochner who is also a Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Graduate . The series of work she produced was inspired by colour and form. This video is a summary of the 6 days I spent with her. It looks at lighting setups and production scale. To view the final images that were produced on the shoots you can visit her website on

Woman’s Month

This Woman’s month video was produced to highlight the month of August which was named Woman’s month. The values of what a woman is and what they stand for have been misinterpreted to the extent that we need to remind our sisters and mothers who they are and what they are to society. All the models that have been used in this video are Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University students who teamed up to push this initiative, keeping in mind that these ladies are not professional models .

Xhosa Juku Shoot

Xhosa Juku is a fashion range produced by Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Btech student Nomfuneko Kenyane the range is inspired by the traditional Xhosa culture and tribes. This range is a combination of South African Urban Street-ware and traditional colours and beed work . This video looks at the final images that were produced and a brief look at behind the scenes of the range.